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PAK, high-end lighting show at Middle East Electricity 2019

PAK, high-end lighting show at Middle East Electricity 2019

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2019/03/11 14:58
Recently, PAK has participated the world's largest international power & energy expo- Middle East Electricity(Called MEE for short).
With the rapid economic development of the Gulf and the rapid population growth, the investment of infrastructure in the Middle East has been increasing, which has led to the booming development of power, lighting and new energy industries. It is understood that more than 95% of the world's lighting fixtures are manufactured in China. In order to implement "Made in China 2025" in depth, the Middle East and its neighboring countries have become the key development and cooperation objects of domestic lighting enterprises under the active promotion of the government.
As a forward-looking corporation, PAK has followed the pace of the country and has already realized the radiation capabilities of the Middle East Electricity as early as 2018. This year, PAK has once again launched a series of high-end lighting products such as LED tubes, downlights, spotlights and light panels, which greatly enhances PAK’s brand awareness and reinforces the marketing station. By competing with foreign brands, PAK has deeply learned the latest developments, so as to adjust the company's strategic direction timely, to better align with the international market.
The smooth marketing development is inseparable from the strong support of product quality, and is closely related to the unremitting efforts of PAK staff. During the exhibition, PAK’s on-site personal professionally carried out the light display and patiently answered the customer's consultation, to make them fully understand the essence of PAK products and brand concept. 
In order to further increase the pace of “going out”, PAK has opened an office in Dubai in 2018 and established a professional engineering team for better customer service. In the next two months, PAK will also exhibit in the INALIGHT 2019 and Melbourne Design Build 2019, to prepare for the global strategy.
Marketing development has become widespread across the world, PAK will continuously forge ahead.