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PAK, Big show in Dubai

PAK, Big show in Dubai

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2018/10/08 10:09
Recently, as one of the largest and most authoritative professional exhibitions in architectural lighting industry of the world, the Light Middle East, was held as scheduled. PAK was present at the international stage as an “old friend” , and was one of the few domestic brands to exhibit continuously.
At this exhibition, PAK performed well consistently and gained a lot of attention by right of good showing of a series of exquisite lighting products and outstanding brand concepts. Excellent performance and complete categories, fully demonstrate the great strength of PAK in engineering projects, and also demonstrate its ability in overall lighting solutions fields.
In recent years, PAK has attached great importance to the Dubai market. In addition to frequent attendance at the Light Middle East and the Middle East Electricity, it is understood that PAK Dubai office has been officially put into operation, mainly breaking through the Middle East market, and also servicing North Africa, India and surrounding markets. More professional engineering teams has been set up to better serve customers.
Moreover, two world-renowned events of Dubai 2020 World Expo and Qatar World Cup in 2022 will undoubtedly promote the prosperity of the Middle East architecture, stimulating a strong demand for various types of lighting products. Based on years of experience in providing high quality lighting equipment for large-scale sports events in China, such as the 2010 Guangzhou Asian Games and the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, the ability in stadium lighting projects of PAK is unquestionable. 
Reliable products, professional service and rich experience, we believe that PAK will usher in a huge development opportunity in the Dubai market.