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Lighting applications
Case Study of Design and Reconstruction of Night Lighting in Dali Ancient City in Yunnan Province
The ancient city of Dali referred to as Ye Yu, also known as the Purple City, its history can be traced back to the Tang Tianbao years, Nanzao Wang Ge pavilions built by Yang Feng Shek Pao (now the ci
How to Make Light Color Stimulate Customers' Purchase Desires - Case Study of Wanda Commercial Plaza Lighting Design
Haxi Wanda shopping mall project is located in Haixi New District, a real estate investment hot spot in Harbin. The total construction area of ​​the project is about 860,000 square meters.
School and library lighting
Office space lighting design of the basic concepts
Good office lighting not only refers to the lighting, it should be able to meet a variety of different needs.We provide a wide range of lighting concepts for office lighting design....
China Unicom Wuhan Branch office building lighting design ideas
China Unicom Hubei Branch Jinyinhu project planning total land area of 43333 M2, the total construction area of 36621 M2, comprehensive building construction area of 32,694 M2, the total customer ....
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