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Accelerate the pace of globalization,PAK in Light Middle East

Accelerate the pace of globalization,PAK in Light Middle East

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2018/03/22 09:58

When we mention Dubai,the first thing comes to our minds must be the extremely luxury life.


Dubai, besides the lustrous and brilliant aura, also has one of the largest and most authoritative professional exhibitions in architectural lighting industry of the world, the Light Middle East.

On Oct. 17, 2017, the Light Middle East grandly opened. PAK appeared on the international stage once again, accelerating the pace of the globalization.

In order to show brand strength of PAK comprehensively, PAK exhibited not only the hot project lighting products such as LED downlight, LED spotlight, LED tube, LED lawn light and LED strip light, but also played the corporate video continuously, showing our high quality products and strong brand strength to the visitors.


In recent years, the Middle East has developed rapidly. All the cities attach importance to and promote energy conservation. Moreover, two world-renowned events of Dubai 2020 World Expo and Qatar World Cup in 2022 will undoubtedly promote the prosperity of the Middle East architecture, stimulating a strong demand for various types of lighting products.


All these signs are releasing a signal, which is Chinese lighting export enterprises should pay attention to the Middle East.


In fact, PAK has deployed in advance in Dubai, and has set up the resident office, a number of sales terminals and showrooms.  This year , with the development of Belt and Road Initiative, PAK has participated in Thailand LED Expo-2017, Sparc-FMA in Australia and Malaysia Archidex 2017,accelerating the pace of globalization. In the future, PAK will continue to accelerate the development of overseas lighting market and channel construction, driving "Made in China" to the world.