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Zhang Xin

Tutor team
2018/01/15 09:44
Zhang Xin

Tsinghua University, Professor of Architecture

Lighting Design (Chinese version) magazine associate editor, editorial board
China Illuminating Society
International Lighting Commission (CIE) Division III (indoor division) China representative
International Dark Sky Association (IDA) member, Beijing branch director
Museum of Art Standardization Technical Committee

Invention project:
1. Zhang Xin, Zhan Qingxuan.Research on the environment of the Forbidden City and the protection of related cultural relics.The World Heritage Foundation (WMF) and the National Palace Museum commissioned .2005 ~ 2006
2. ZHANG Xin, Zhan Qingxuan, YIN Si-jin. Sub-project 1 "Planning and Design, Integrated Structural Analysis, System Evaluation and Standards for the National Stadium and Olympic Village Lighting System", "863 Program", "Integrated Technology Research on Semiconductor Lighting Integrative Systems" Subject person in charge of the Olympic Investment and Development Co., Ltd. subject relying on the unit for the Austrian Investment and Development Co., Ltd. October 1, 2006 to September 30, 2008
3. Zhang Xin, Zhan Qingxuan. Guangzhou Municipal Key Public Construction Project Management Office. Guangzhou Asian Games Village and the Asian Games stadiums light environment special research .2007 July ~ 2007 October
4. Zhang Xin. Olympic Center Night Lighting Planning Consulting. Beijing Institute of Architectural Design commissioned .2007.8 ~ 2008.8
5. Taiwan Science and Technology Research Project (Taiwan Yuan Zongnan Lighting Design Firm). Research on the Key Technology of Building Optical Technology Applied to Sunlight Inverter in Beijing. 2007 ~ 2009
6. National Natural Science Foundation of China (Grant No. 50708047) Light Environmental Protection of Traditional Chinese Architecture. 2008 ~ 2010
7. Zhang Xin. Beijing Natural Science Foundation of China (Grant No. 8083028). Sunlight Intruder provides the key architectural optical technology for underground space lighting in Beijing. 2008 ~ 2010
8. Zhang Xin, Yan Xianliang, Zhan Qingxuan. Ministry of Culture (Department of Science and Technology) at the ministerial topic. Art Museum Light Environmental Assessment Index System (for the Ministry of Culture "Art Museum Architectural Design Code") .2008 3 ~ 7