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Xu Dongliang

Tutor team
2018/01/15 09:19
Xu Dongliang

Dong Liang International Lighting Design (Beijing) Co., Ltd. General Manager

Southeast University majoring in architecture undergraduate Harbin Institute of Technology Master of Architecture 1991-1998 in Japan in the design work Japanese first-level architect Japanese Association of Architects 2002 years, Beijing Toshiba Lighting Design Center Co., Ltd. Deputy General Manager 2004, General Manager of Lighting Design Branch of Toshiba Lighting (Beijing) Co., Ltd. 2006 General Manager of Dongliang International Lighting Design (Beijing) Center Co., Ltd. Member of Outdoor Professional Committee of China Illuminating Engineering Society Member of Physics Branch of China Architecture Society Beijing Institute of Illumination Director Professor-level Senior Architect Tsinghua University outside the tutor of the Central Academy of Fine Arts professor at Hohai University Visiting Professor "Lighting Design" magazine editorial mainly: Ito Toyotomi Portfolio "Towards a light building", "world space design", "Shimizu architectural design example" Indirect lighting.

2005 "Japan Lighting Academy Design Award" Participate in the preparation: The People's Republic of China "Urban Night Lighting Design Standards", "Urban Road Lighting Design Standards"

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