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Gao Chao Yi

Tutor team
2018/01/15 09:09
Gao Chao Yi

Suzhou Golden Praying Mantis Building Decoration Co., Ltd. Design and Research Institute of Design Director

Master Instructor
Senior Senior Interior Architect
Suzhou Golden Mantis Building Decoration Co., Ltd. Design and Research Institute Design Director
Chief designer of CY Design Firm, USA
American Institute of Architects International Member (AIA)
American Institute of interior design education (IDEC)
China Institute of Interior Institute of Interior Designers (CIID)
China Institute of Architects interior designer branch director
Shanghai construction industry bid expert library experts
Suzhou University Art Institute MFA Master Instructor
Visiting Professor, Shanghai University of Arts
Professor of Art, University of Virginia, USA

Part of the design work SELECTED WORKS:
Beijing Minsk Garden Hotel (five-star Belarus) 2012
Shanghai Center
Intercontinental Hotel Wuhan (International Five Star) overall program design 2011
Wyndham Grand Plaza Xiamen Yuzu (International Five Star) overall program design
Tangshan Shangri - La Hotel (International Five Star) Project Leader / Public Space Design
Chongqing Gloria Hotel (five - star standard) overall program design
Shanghai Huamin Century Hotel (Platinum Five Star Standard) overall program design 2008 ~ 2010
Pullman Shanghai and Pullman Hotel (International Five Star) Room Design 2008 ~ 2010
Changzhou Dongpo Boutique Hotel (five-star standard) 2009 ~ 2010
Nanjing Berghand Lake Art Hotel (five - star boutique hotel) overall design
Shanghai World International Office (A) Overall Design
Shanghai Zhangjiang Howard Johnson Hotel catering transformation
Shanghai Aircraft Factory Office Building (A) Overall Design
Guangzhou South American Grand Hyatt (five-star China Guangzhou, Guangdong Province) won the 2007 Asia-Pacific Interior Design Award category HONORABLE MENTION / CATEGORY OF HOTEL; 2005-2006
Tang Dynasty Hotel (five-star Shanghai Anting Racing Area) overall design 2005-2006

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