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Office space lighting design of the basic concepts

Office space lighting design of the basic concepts

Office lighting
2018/01/05 14:02

Good office lighting not only refers to the lighting, it should be able to meet a variety of different needs.We provide a wide range of lighting concepts for office lighting design, from hanging to embedded and ceiling installation to maximize customer satisfaction for decoration and function The demand.

Nowadays, with the relative independence of employee's office and the influence of communication mode, the structure type of office space will be directly decided.Universal office staff focus on work and concentrate on work, while the integrated office area is centralized and convenient for communication, so different applications The lighting scheme is different.

To this end, we provide a full range of office lighting concepts to meet different needs, each of which includes functionality, economy and aesthetics.

In addition to office lighting to consider the light source color temperature, color, but also must consider the average office illumination, comfort, uniformity and safety. In addition, you should consider the cost of the entire lighting system.

The average illuminance is used to measure the brightness of a scene.
Average Lux (Lux) = Lumen (Lm) X Factor / Area is maintained with a factor of X.
Average illumination place
1000-1500 drawing room, design room
500-800 senior executive office, conference room, general office
300 hall, basement, tea room, bathroom
200 walkways, storage room, parking lot

Utilization factor - lighting design must require accurate utilization factor, otherwise there will be a big deviation.The factors affecting the size of the use of the following factors:
1 light distribution curve
2 lamps light output ratio
3. Indoor reflection coefficient (ceiling, wall, work desktop)
4. Lighting arrangement

Maintenance factor - lighting design to take into account the use of lamps one year after the average illumination can maintain the standard, so to consider the maintenance factor.

There are several factors that affect the maintenance factor:
1. Fluorescent tube failure value
2. Fluorescent tubes and lamps attached to dust
3. P6 board aging or grid aluminum oxidation and so on

Comfort - is the contrast between indoor and outdoor lighting, such as indoor sensitive contrast is too large, will cause a lot of shadows.So the number of lamps installed, can not be judged by experience alone, lighting manufacturers to provide technical information, computer-aided design Calculate the number of lamps required, evenness, etc., in order to achieve the most appropriate illumination.

Uniformity = the lowest illumination in the illumination area / the highest illumination in the illumination area
Safety - Safety Consideration should be given to the quality of luminaires, ballasts, starters, wires and their components to meet international standards so as to avoid fires caused by substandard lamps and endanger the whole building.