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How to Make Light Color Stimulate Customers' Purchase Desires - Case Study of Wanda Commercial Plaza Lighting Design

How to Make Light Color Stimulate Customers' Purchase Desires - Case Study of Wanda Commercial Plaza Lighting Design

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2018/01/05 11:50

Project Name: Haxi Wanda Shopping Center
Completion: September 2013
Project Overview
Haxi Wanda shopping mall project is located in Haixi New District, a real estate investment hot spot in Harbin. The total construction area of ​​the project is about 860,000 square meters. Haixi Wanda Plaza covers five-star hotels, shopping malls, international supermarket chains, indoor and outdoor pedestrian streets, luxury residential buildings, hardcover apartments, volume layout KTV, video game city, 5A-class office buildings and other industries in one.

Following the completion of the Haxi Wanda Plaza, the Haixi New District has greatly improved its regional facilities, improved the quality of life of the people in the region, improved the regional business functions and upgraded the commercial grade so as to upgrade the Haixi New District to a new urban center in Harbin.

Wanda Commercial Plaza entrance

Wanda mall atrium

design concept

Excellent commercial lighting can attract customers into the mall, promote the sale of goods and expand the visibility and influence of shopping malls. Therefore, how to create a comfortable shopping environment for shopping malls to provide reasonable lighting design has become particularly important.

General Commercial Plaza general flow of people, consumer groups, in particular, some of the more well-known Commercial Plaza has been the first choice of some big brands. Therefore, this type of commercial plaza are generally longer business hours and lighting requirements are particularly high, each year the owners need to bear the huge electricity and maintenance costs.

In recent years, the economy of our country is in a period of rapid development. In particular, the successful mode of such comprehensive commercial plaza has led many real estate developers to shift their investment from the previous real estate to the comprehensive commercial plaza. As a result, it has also brought a lot of pressure on the country's energy resources .

Green lighting, low-carbon lighting, how to make light color to stimulate the desire of customers is the design of this project concept and purpose, but also the requirements of Wanda owners. Based on the design concept and the owner's request, throughout the project of the Haxi Wanda Shopping Mall, we broke through the design ideas and tactics of the traditional fluorescent lamp lamps in the main shopping mall lighting, and switched to the latest LED lighting design technology. The current LED technology is mature, LED lighting in most areas of reference to replace the traditional lighting, of course, including shopping malls lighting included.

As we all know, the service life of LED is 3 to 4 times that of a traditional fluorescent light source, and an unprecedented increase in the color rendering and light efficiency of the light source completely meets the requirement of the color rendering of a traditional fluorescent light source. Therefore, using this light source design, we can help us solve the traditional lighting in the high energy consumption, low light efficiency lighting design issues, and on the glare, the fundamental principle is that you choose the size of the lamp and space Height and installation methods and their own lighting can be related to glare processing.

Lighting Design

Commercial square lighting needs to consider the overall feelings of customers during shopping, including how to enter the mall, stay and rest and security, and many other issues. Therefore, how to create a relaxed and delightful atmosphere of shopping malls and guide customers to generate positive consumer psychology is the main artery that the entire lighting design needs to grasp.

As the commercial square lighting there is integrity and variability of the two major environmental factors. So, in terms of lighting, we need to consider lighting design requirements from a commercial design point of view. Haxi Wanda shopping malls are divided into three layers, mainly in the brand apparel, luxury goods, cosmetics and restaurants and other shops based on the lighting inside the store by the management of the store to complete their own design, public areas are completed before the design by the Wanda delivery.

Considering the prolonged noisy, crowded and disorderly situation of Commercial Plaza, we especially regard humane physiological care as the design focus in this project design. In addition to the bold and people-oriented interior designers in the layout of the design space, Lighting design stripped from the overall project, through the creation of a warm, comfortable, clear visual environment, to show a relaxed home-like business Inn, the commercial plaza emits a strong affinity, unlimited to stimulate the customer's potential Desire to buy

The owner asked us for lighting design from the beginning, and they hope the result of this lighting design is people-oriented. It is a modern lighting design concept and an environmentally friendly design material. In addition to the lighting environment to be comfortable, but also hope to pass the lighting design to pass the feelings of consumers and businesses; followed by lighting design to guide customers and guide the function. Finally, the main is to effectively reduce the power density of space to ensure energy conservation.

Wanda shopping malls artificial light and natural light combined with the reference based on the above requirements, the choice of source in the choice of high color LED, Ra greater than 85 strobe-free, no glare deep LED spotlights healthy lighting. Lamps and lanterns specifications are 5-inch 15W, 6-inch 25W-based, atrium space with a bright 70W ceramic metal halide light source. As Wanda Atrium adopted the introduction of natural light design techniques, atrium full glass lighting design, so do not need too much artificial lighting during the day to meet the lighting requirements. Therefore, in the artificial lighting design, we design the illumination to 300Lux as the design standard. With the introduction of natural light illumination under normal circumstances can reach 500Lux above, fully meet the lighting requirements of high-end commercial places, so that energy-saving and economical.

In addition to the light guide function, the scene switch and concealed cloth lamp, in this project there is a more distinctive lighting design techniques, each layer of atrium set the location of the local blue-based cool-colored lights, which The cool shade of light and shade can cool and rationalize the space, from the environment to ease the fatigue of customer shopping sentiment, and gives a clean, simple visual effects.